Bag rubbing on frame #cycling

I thought my seat stay had a paintwork chip, wasn’t sure how it got there, these things happen after all 20120725-134317.jpg
But I was annoyed to realise that my bag occasionally hits or rubs it.
The rack has worn and the bag warped a little so it now makes contact. 20120725-134519.jpg

Reducing future damage was my next action (I’ll look at adjustment, paint and a better solution when I have some free time). So I grabbed some padding, cable ties and some cutters 20120725-134924.jpg
Quick fix done 20120725-135239.jpg
Probably quicker than the time taken on this post.


One response to “Bag rubbing on frame #cycling

  1. I’ve adjusted the bag so it sits further away from the frame now, though I’m not keen on removing the protection yet.

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