Garden – Runner bean crisis – black aphids

I almost missed a huge infestation of black aphids on my runner beans. They were low down on the plants and I was too busy tending to the shoots and eyeing up the bean growth. Mental note to check the whole plant!

I washed and squashed what I could and I’ve made a trap from the cover of the yellow pages and some clean plastic takeaway tubs. If it works I’ll post pictures else I’ll be crying about my losses.

Wish me luck.


4 responses to “Garden – Runner bean crisis – black aphids

  1. This year has been a battle against those insuperable odds: weather and pests. It’s a blow to spend so much time and money for so little to show, but, unlike us, you’ve done well! Let’s pray for a good harvest eventually!

    • Yes, the cat is a big pest 🙂

      Slugs have been a pain, but I have no problems with using slug pellets, beer traps work but are more effort and a waste of beer. Without the pellets I’d have been overrun with slugs.

      Until now the pests hadn’t got me worried, but the aphids are worrying.

      I’ve tightly controlled my spending, but some things will be reused on future years. The first year is always expensive I guess anyway. But I’d like a little success just so I don’t give up.

    • On the time front, yes, I spend a fair bit on it, but not a lot more than I do on cutting the grass, trimming the hedge etc. I do like to check on the plants when I get home from work, I’m in the shed locking my bike up anyway, so it’s only a couple on minutes extra (honest)

  2. They appear to have been reduced now and i’m not as worried now, but I’m keeping vigilant eye on them.

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