Harvesting for dinner

Today I harvested a tiny amount of broccoli, some potatoes and runner beans.

Doesn’t look a lot in the photo, but on the scales 1.6kg:20120728-180834.jpg
Yes, they are more early potatoes (Arran pilot), I’ve got more of them to come I think too, but it’s hard to tell where the main crop starts as the plants are growing horizontally!

The runner beans:20120728-180858.jpg
Decided to pick three that looked ready, again they look small in the photo, but they are a good size:20120728-180905.jpg
Fortunately keeping a close eye on the plants has really helped reduce the black aphids to threat level “not bothered”, though I still check for them.

Looking forward to the eating!


6 responses to “Harvesting for dinner

  1. Excellent! Fresh runners can’t be beaten. Well done Tim! 😀

    • Thank you, I’m new to them really, my wife is the big fan.
      How are yours coming?

      • We have a few small flowers on short stems which may eventually look attractive. (What an optimist!) Not a success, I’m afraid! The onions are brilliant though; now harvested and tied up in strings in the shed. The rest of the garden is hardy flowers and shrubs which were tough enough to survive the monsoon! 😀

        • At first I was disappointed because the first plant to flower did not pollinate, so the flowers didn’t produce anything after they died off. Actually that plant has only just started flowering again. The second two plants to flower were next to each other and pollinated ok. One was short due to accidental Tim damage and the other I deliberately nipped to that height.
          Now further plants have pollinated, but it’ll be a couple of weeks before they are big enough.
          I think the weather has hindered them after they/I battled the slugs with pellets (only after losing a few plants) and Mr Badger trampled others to death.

          Yes, your onions did look fantastic, I am jealous. I expect you don’t own a cat lol

  2. Great harvest, I bet that stuff will taste so good!

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