More runner beans so soon #gardening

Four more runner beans after only a few days:

The wife is happy, at this rate they’ll have paid for themselves by the weekend!
(seeds cost £1.54 from Wilkinsons of course)


4 responses to “More runner beans so soon #gardening

  1. Among the great things about runner beans is the more you pick the more they increase production! Well done and happy eating both! 😀

    • I didn’t know that, great, she will be happy too.
      Any sign of beams on your plants?

      I forgot to mention that these are only half the pack of seeds, so approximately 8 or so plants grown from 12 seeds. Still around 12 in the pack for next year I hope.

      • Our runners have only just come into flower, apart from one bean about a 5mm long! Another great thing about the bean and pea family is they leave the soil in better condition than before they arrived because they fix nitrogen from the air into nodules on their roots; so don’t pull up the roots- cut the plant down at soil level when they’re finished. You’re onto a winner with beans! 😀

        • Excellent, I hope they come on well.
          I find the tiny beans very delicate and they seem to easily detach under weather or gardener abuse. It only takes a couple of days for them to establish and then they’re pretty robust.
          Thanks for the N info. I’m onto a winner with my wife too, they are her favourite.

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