August last of the potatoes and onions

The last of the potatoes:
and some small onions which are the best of a disappointing crop:

Also, is this another ladybird or a beetle of some kind:

Either way, it is welcome if it keeps the aphids off the beans. The runner beans are still looking good, more have been eaten by the wife and a visitor without me seeing them. So there’s only tiny beans growing left, but a lot of them, so fingers crossed they mature nicely and we get overrun.


2 responses to “August last of the potatoes and onions

  1. That’s a green shield bug nymph. They’re quite common but owing to their remarkable colour matching their preferred plant, they aren’t noticed that often. When they’re adult they are triangular and are easier to spot. Like all true bugs (I don’t like saying this) they suck sap or prey, depending on which family they’re from. Your’s favours peas, beans and several native trees including hazel. You’d need a plague of them to affect your beans, If you’ve only got one, rejoice! It’ll do no harm.
    And another medal to you for good observation! 😀

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