Bluebell survived day 1 in the wild on her own #cycling

My locking up strategy, hopefully it will keep her safe….

I tried to lock the front wheel and frame, but these kryponite locks don’t see wide enough some how.


4 responses to “Bluebell survived day 1 in the wild on her own #cycling

  1. Still can’t help but feel the massive front lock draws attention to the fact it might be valuable. The rear lock is ok and perhaps a cable from the rear to front would be less obvious.

    Then I reckon you’d be safe, especially with the complete lack of bike flashness.

  2. This post reminds me I need to read up on Sheldon brown, all these years I have been locking it up frame and wheel together when I didn’t need to, and now i know also to put the chainrings facing away from the stand as someone else told me to protect it from damage. As they say you learn something new everyday!

    • Anyone willing to cut-up the rear wheel will steal whatever they can in whatever condition.
      Ideally would lock through both, but the lock isn’t big enough, which is probably another good thing.
      I hope big locks are a deterrent and they don’t get tested.

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