Back to the Nexus for a while #cycling

My rear wheel has been feeling a bit wobbily recently as the spokes needed retuning, the rim was very worn so I was already in the process of getting quotes for a rebuild when I noticed this:
Without the flash if this is any better?
So that split has forced my hand, I’ve cut 32 spokes and boxed up the Rohloff for postage to SJS cycles to rebuild it. Evans wheel builder hasn’t heard of Rohloff, what??? Local bike shop builder was going to source parts from SJS anyway and would cost more! Anyway that aside, man is it difficult to cut 32 plain gauge spokes, my hands were really sore by the end of it.
With no other option, I kitted out the Nexus bike
Nearly forgot the mirror….
No time to transfer the Ergon grips, they will have to wait till tonight.


5 responses to “Back to the Nexus for a while #cycling

  1. I had an email from SJS a while back offering wheel builds for half price, were you in time to take this up? If not, how much do they charge for it?

    • Nope, at the moment if you buy the hub, spokes and rim then the build is reduced. As I’m rebuilding my rohloff I have to pay full price, shame, but it’ll be worth it and not a lot of money really.

      I nearly died when I paid for postage on the ‘hoff, insurance was expensive, £24.50 special delivery.

      • That’s just the postage! I can sympathise with your near death experience! How much to put the wheel together then? I think my rim is just about done on the front wheel. To replace the rim, do I buy a new wheel, or have one built? (hence my interest in the cost of a wheel build) It makes sense to use SJS as they are, from what I’ve heard, one of the best.

        • I think the rim is 36, build is 51 (including spokes), postage is 5 – I have no idea how!
          Will confirm it with them tomorrow.

          It’s cheaper to buy an off the peg wheel, unless you have a specific hub that isn’t off the shelve e.g. Hub gears, dynamo hub etc.
          For example my current shimano front wheel (26″) was only £35 from Edinburgh Coop, but you’re probably looking at double that outside the sales and I think I got a bargain.

          If you are in no rush for the wheel (I.e. you can wait a few weeks) then keep looking around and you might find a bargain in the sales or Xmas promos.

  2. Thanks for the info, I will shop around for a bit, cheers

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