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It’s funny how they always credit (though it’s hard to find) an increase in cycling as a factor in the lower deaths in these sorts of articles. Yet at any other time they won’t be singing the praises of the transportation method.
What is the point of the article? Is it to fuel the fight against cars or is it to shame people who regularly use cars.

It’s not really a good news article unless car use continues to fall and cycling keeps increasing. The new cyclists better keep out of my way as I don’t want to be stuck in their traffic LOL

Surrey News

The economic downturn has dramatically cut the number of deaths on Britain’s roads, new research suggests.

Since Britain went into recession the number of people killed on the roads has fallen by more than a third, from 2,946 in 2007 to 1,901 in 2011.

The dramatic drop coincided with a general fall in traffic as cash-strapped motorists cut down on journeys, a reduction in drink-drive casualties as people sacrifice nights out and a drop in young males taking their driving tests.

According to the national research commissioned by road safety experts at Surrey County Council, other contributing factors included motorists cutting their speeds as they save fuel, rising prices at the pumps, an increase in the use of bikes and a reduction in HGV traffic.

Colder recent winters and advances in vehicle safety also played a part in making Britain’s roads safer, the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) study showed.


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