The main use of duck tape? #cycling

There are many uses for Gaffer Tape, like fixing the kitchen blind as I am doing, but the box says it all….

Indeed my saddles are synthetic with holes in, it won’t be long before the gaffer tape comes in handy for them.

Sure, at some point I may spend on a Brookes saddle, but for now I’m stuck with what I have. The concern I will have with a leather saddle is the winter weather and being left outside while I’m in work.


2 responses to “The main use of duck tape? #cycling

  1. Plastic bag secured with a rubber band is ideal to protect a Brooks’ saddle outside, that’s what I’d do any way. Cheers

    • The Pashley parked next to me, on the windy day we had, had its plastic bag blowing in the wind, so it didn’t work for her, maybe she needs an elastic band.

      I wonder whether it really needs it, I mean I don’t put plastic bags on my leather shoes when it is raining? What happens if it isn’t protected?

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