Winter tyres fitted #cycling

Thankfully I cleaned them up before packing them away last winter, the winter tyres are out and ready for it. I’ve had to take the SKS mudguards off because the Thorn Raven Sport Tour doesn’t give them the right clearance.
They are 26″ x 1.75″ Schwalbe Marathon Winter tyres. Well worth the money if you want to cycle when it is icy.


4 responses to “Winter tyres fitted #cycling

  1. Are they studded tyres? I can’t make it out in the picture, I want to cycle in icy conditions, but quite frankly am scared to do so. Studded tyres might give me confidence to try, but it’s very costly for a might! Did you see the new “Bicycle Spikes” on Town Mouse’s blog “Iced In”? Reference was made to them in one of the comments. They sound like an answer to the problem, if they work of course.

  2. Just looked up these tyres on the internet, yes they’re studded, and claim to give full control in icy conditions, let us know how they perform. Cheers

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