The bike that glows #cycling

So there I was, wondering the high street, when I saw an oddly decorated bike locked almost up hanging in the air. Interesting I thought, I’ll snap that, so I did. Look how it turned out:
Hope you like it.


8 responses to “The bike that glows #cycling

  1. That is a little excessive!

    • I was wondering if it was a fashion / trendy thing?

      • Could be. Although it looks to me like someone seriously worried about being seen at night… probably a combination of both.

        I don’t think I’ll be doing the same to my Troll!

        • Another cyclist the other morning commented on the impressiveness of my rear lights, it was daylight too, so I doubt I have any visibility issues to worry about myself. I wouldn’t mind a glowing bike, but it won’t help much, I trust in my lights and others commenting on their effectiveness only affirms my trust.

          It could of course be another security mechanism, make it look ugly and they won’t want to steal it.

          Your orange bike would look good in high viz lol

          • As you no doubt know, being visible only helps if other road users are looking for you in the first place! Glad to hear you run lights during the day, it disturbs me how many cyclists don’t when it’s gloomy and overcast.

            • Agreed, I am also amazed by how few cars use their lights in poor visibility / conditions too.

              I hate yellow and car drivers seem to hate it too, so cyclists who wear yellow should use lights instead. This high viz (maybe this phrase is misleading) example probably fits into that statement too.

              If anyone reading this believes that a yellow jacket or glowing gear helps, then look at how many yellow and illuminated bollards get destroyed by cars! Plus yellow is ugly and really shows the dirt.

  2. I wear a stylish orange and white hi-vis combo! It’s my work issue. A train driver is supposed to be able to see me at a mile distance in pitch black. I forgot to mention I’m a railway worker.

  3. Haha that bike is amazing, you’ve certainly captured its elegant glow!

    And I definitely agree it’s a great idea to run your lights in low visibility conditions, even if it’s not night time. I’ve been thinking recently I need to pick up a new white light for the front of my bike, or just use more than one!

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