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New front v-brake callipers #cycling

Not a massively exciting post, but I’ve wanted a less sticky front brake for a while now, so here it is:
I have no idea on quality, brand or anything, Avid seem a good enough brand. As for the model, Single Digit SL, it looks like any other v-brake I’ve had and I have no idea what differentiates it from any others.
It feels similar to my Shimano Deore rear brake, so I’m happy, just need them to get dirty to match the rest of Bluebell.

Burley finally fitted to Bluebell #cycling

My Burley Rohloff problem:20130126-231527.jpg
So that was the standard hitch that came with it. It fits my Nexus bike well, but as you can see the Rohloff cables are fouled by it on Bluebell (Thorn Raven Sport Tour).

The gear range on the Nexus isn’t good enough for pulling the baby up hills, so I have been desperately trying to find some way to use Bluebell instead.

Lots of guesswork and a couple of purchases later and we’re sorted:
The skewer is now on the other side and half of the hitch remains on my bike:

Guesswork? Well, it wasn’t obvious (to me at least) which parts I needed, but the gamble paid off.

Now to find time to take on my nearest hill with baby in tow (however unimpressive it may be to some), especially now the snow down here has gone.

More #snow on the ride home #cycling

The brakes got clogged (still worked though!):
Good job there’s no room for my mudguards on Bluebell with the winter tyres.

The Rohloff was unaffected (as you’d expect):

This round of snow is the wet kind, last Friday’s snow was the dry powdery kind. So I was pretty damn when I got in, but I love it.

When you don’t fancy a ride because the weather is bad, what else is there to do? #cycling


Browsing the internet looking at bikes is a good one for me.

For a while I’ve wanted a Rohloff setup that both the wife and I can use (as a second bike). I had considered a folding bike because they are generally pretty adjustable and without a crossbar it means my wife can pop down from the saddle ok, but we’re talking a lot of money for an unknown (never had one). When I have invested in a bike before it was similar to a friends bike that I had tried, so I knew it was going to be a good buy. But a Birdy with a Rohloff was going to be a gamble, so, for now, I passed.

I’ve generally gone second hand since new Rohloff bikes are beyond my spend threshold, second hand they are nearly as much!

So I spent many hours on Saturday travelling to collect this:
Wheels are in the boot for transit.

Better photos will follow in time along with details. I need to name her too!

Gentle ride to the duck pond with the baby #cycling

He was as quiet as a mouse for the 12 mile ride, even up the hill (going both ways).
There was a postcard picture moment of a squirrel scoffing his face perched on a log looking directly at me as I cycled past. It’s not the first time either (different squirrel though).

The Nexus lacks the gear range, boy did I miss Bluebell today. I’m hankering after a better baby bike!
I can’t use bluebell until I get a different Burley attachment because of the Rohloff cables

How much slack to leave in Rohloff cables

Someone asked “how much slack to leave in rohloff cables”.

Well, that is the great thing, the gear cables don’t need fine tuned tension to work, once correctly setup they are set until you need a new cable or gear ring cable whichever comes first (normally the latter).

Mine are loose but only a fraction of a turn on the shifter will take that slack up. You have to be sensible about it, too tight and those bayonet connectors are not going to couple easily, too loose and you’ll be waggling into your spokes and of course will not be able to change into all 525% / 14 evenly spaced gears.

The nice thing is the barrel adjusters can take up the excess slack if you have a bit too much.

Have you seen Shimano’s effort even on their latest Alfine? Yuck! No better than my awful Nexus.

Happy New Year 2013 #cycling

Happy New Year 2013 from me and my family.
We took my son for a spin, yes, the sun came out too!

I really fancied a ride myself, maybe my cycling friend was right, “having a baby? oh, see you in ten years then”.

My cycle commute is now down to 4 miles each way, and I’m not getting many miles on top of that either, so expect 2013 to contain blog posts about getting fat(ter).