Gentle ride to the duck pond with the baby #cycling

He was as quiet as a mouse for the 12 mile ride, even up the hill (going both ways).
There was a postcard picture moment of a squirrel scoffing his face perched on a log looking directly at me as I cycled past. It’s not the first time either (different squirrel though).

The Nexus lacks the gear range, boy did I miss Bluebell today. I’m hankering after a better baby bike!
I can’t use bluebell until I get a different Burley attachment because of the Rohloff cables


2 responses to “Gentle ride to the duck pond with the baby #cycling

  1. Excellent, how was the traffic, or were you on cycle paths only. I see the odd triler around the seafront cyclepaths near Aberavon. It’s all flat there though.

    • It was all roads, single carriageway up to 60MPH, though you’d be silly to do the limit.
      Traffic wasn’t bad and rarely is on those roads at the weekend unless someone parks in a tree which is pretty frequent. The whole route (apart from a couple of roads here and a couple at the pond) are tree lined and would be lovely if cars could only do 20MPH through them, as it is it’s a slightly nervous ride because of the accident rate. Once I’ve done a few more rides I’m sure I’ll not worry about it, I’m confident and assertive in my own cycling.

      Most cars leave lots of space for the trailer, which makes some feel closer than they really are. Also, given the width of the trailer, it forces you further out into the road, so the overtaking scenario changes.

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