More #snow on the ride home #cycling

The brakes got clogged (still worked though!):
Good job there’s no room for my mudguards on Bluebell with the winter tyres.

The Rohloff was unaffected (as you’d expect):

This round of snow is the wet kind, last Friday’s snow was the dry powdery kind. So I was pretty damn when I got in, but I love it.


2 responses to “More #snow on the ride home #cycling

  1. I wish I’d got some winter tyres now. You and other bloggers are giving me confidence about using them in these conditions, so that I won’t be a wimp forever, hopefully!

    • It’s never too late, we have poor weather for a few more months normally, and you’d be glad of them. Sure, they are slower, heavier, more expensive and you still have to ride carefully, but I would otherwise be a grumpy sod rather than enjoying the snow as I often do. Also, when the roads are clear, I prefer to have the tyres on than to risk it. When the weather comes good again you just swap back to normal tyres and stash the winter tyres for next year (how many next years there are does depend on your mileage of course).

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