Daily Archives: March 28, 2013

Lunchtime walk with a difference #cycling

I fancied getting away from my desk this lunchtime, a walk I thought, nah, too boring, let’s take Bluebell for a spin.

Four miles later and I was back at the office ready to eat my lunch and take on the rest of the day.
Ok, maybe I had a moan about the awful cycle path design that’s been recently (since google streetview) implemented on a pointless piece of path that goes nowhere. Wasting my taxes on paint, dismount and end of cycle path signs….

Anyway, I think it’s something I’ll try and do again, that is when I’m not cycling the kilometre into town to buy lunch. On that note the time it takes to walk into town is massive, can’t be bothered with it, but the ride is a joy.
It’s also nice to do these short rides in normal clothes without having to dress up for the occasion. It also makes me wonder why people walk and why more people don’t just hop on a bicycle? Could it be said awful cycle paths? Roads “allocated” to cars rather than all road users? Fear? OK, who cares, I’m a confident and competent cyclist who uses the road for what it is meant for………… CYCLING!

Ah, quick Q & A, can you guess which is more, the damage done to the road from:
A lorry
Several cars
A dozen cyclists

Proportionally who do you think pays more for the roads compared to the damage done?

OK, I have more, but I’ve said enough now and I’m at peace with the subject for now.


Welcome to the world of cycling #cycling

Sure, he may only be one year old and has only just had his first hair cut (daddy and the clipper set, muhahaha), but my son has now been added onto the Tim family CTC membership.
For insurance reasons I couldn’t add him before he was 12 months old (which is apparently the same as a year).

The e-mail I got back from the CTC reads:
It’s great that you wish to add [your son] to the membership; it’s good to encourage cycling from a young age. I have added [your son] to your membership and he is now insured from today. If you have further queries regarding your membership do not hesitate to contact me

I thought that was a nice e-mail… encourage cycling…. me? He will be living and breathing it before we know it 🙂

Fortunately Rudy is kitted out with a Rohloff which should last until he’s able to use it, let’s face it, the wife isn’t going to make much use of it.