The start of my 2013 gardening #Gardening

On the 8th of March I planted:

  • Runner beans – Enorma
  • Onions – Turbo
  • Potatoes – Arran Pilot and Desiree
  • Lettuce – Butterhead
  • Spinach – Spinacia Oleracea
  • Leek – Autumn Giant 3
  • A head of garlic that was sprouting
  • A red onion that was sprouting
  • (this I may regret) some sprouting Maris Piper that were destined for the food bin

Nothing unusual or terribly new, OK, the Spinach is new for me, but I couldn’t resist as the seeds were 29p from Lidl.
Planting this year was earlier than last because the potatoes were well chitted at the time I bought them.
Then it snowed, the weather has been cool and I wasn’t expecting anything, but we have a couple of sprouts (spinach I think):

The garlic is growing well, but I forgot to snap it 😦
And… that is it so far.
I’m experimenting with starting my onion sets in egg boxes until they’ve sprouted, I got fed up blackbirds pulling them up or the cat trampling them.

So, Sun, where are you? Let’s get growing please.


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