The off-road lunchtime ride that turned to poo #cycling

It started off so well…
I then carrier on into a muddy field that had been chopped up by cows. Fine, until my road tyres wouldn’t grip, I’m then stuck in the mud, which was mostly… poo. I was in my work clothes, I’ll show you my shoe (which got a lot worse after this photo):
Upon returning to the office I cleaned up a bit in the toilet area (saying toilet sounds like the actual toilet which would be wrong). Anyway, a guy looked at me strangely as I wiped my shoes down with a rag (incidentally the same rag I have around my headset), he didn’t wash his hands after finishing his wee, he’s got a cheek.

Anyway, shoes will need a real clean now, but it won’t put me off future lunchtime rides.


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