Lowlights for a change #cycling

This week started with a broken saddle:
I replaced it and wanted to swap to better pedals too, turns out the old crankset I recently fitted is past it because the threads are corroded and stripping away.
So I’m now riding Rudy while I decide what crankset to buy… square taper 110 BCD 5 arm 170mm triple Thorn branded crankset was what I had before, but shimano hollotech has been recommended as a reasonably priced set, the downside is that I’ll need to buy another tool, it won’t be interchangeable with my other bikes, etc. It is worth pointing out that trying to read specs and compare crankset / chainsets is difficult because they often quote random mm measurements and not always the ones your looking for.

Today’s ride ended badly, half a mile from home (after the big hill) the police had blocked the road, I had to then go back over the hill and in a 5 mile loop to get home. I could barely walk when I got home. Numb bum to say the least. Sooo painful, I clearly don’t use those muscles and now can’t bend or sit down. Other than that I enjoyed Rudy and the chilled out ride. The local girls / teens in the park shouted “cool bike”, so there we are, Rudy is cool, even if I am not. Oh and my mudguard is loose, mirror is split and not long left on this earth and heaps more going wrong and we’re not even half way through.


4 responses to “Lowlights for a change #cycling

  1. Sounds like a crappy week but, these things happen to us all and you just have to remember how many awesome days you get cycling.

    I might have an emergency chainset I could post to you if you’re desperate, fairly sure I’ve got at least one (if not two) square taper sets in the parts box…

    • Short commute is welcomed today for sure 🙂

      That’s a kind offer, but I wouldn’t want you out of pocket, besides, they will come in useful one day as will the junk I have in my boxes.

      In this case the problem is deciding which type to get, rather than cost, my budget is around £85 or less. Any suggestions on sticking with square taper or going shimano hollotech etc would be welcome. Also it’s a decision of whether to buy new chainset that matches current 5 arm 110 BCD ring I have or not to worry about it.

  2. I’ve had plenty of square taper sets over the years (remember when there wasn’t a choice?) and, like anything else, if you fit them properly and take good care of them, I think they’re just fine. I have a square taper BB on my Falcon, as it goes.

    On the Troll, I use a Race Face chainset with matching splined BB; you don’t want to know how much that cost.

    But, in the ~£85 range, you should certainly be able to lay your hands on a very decent Shimano Hollowtech chainset & BB; I’ve used these on a couple of bikes (my friend has a set on his Long Haul Trucker) and they’re great. BUT, you will either have to have the bike shop fit it or splurge on some new tools (buy the Park Tool ones too, not worth scrimping on lesser imitations).

    If it were me, I’d have a look at anything Deore (the ‘basic’ Octalink stuff is great and doesn’t require too many specialist tools), maybe the mid range Truvativ stuff and, if you can bag a bargain, EVERYTHING Race Face makes is awesome. Stick your current chainrings on eBay to offset the cost of whatever you end up buying; somebody will want them.

    • Thanks for the info, I’ll do some shopping when I get time.

      A direct replacement for my old crankset is on the site (SJS) but not in 170 or 175mm, so I’ve emailed them.

      Going hollowtech is looking probable, right now. Not a sausage by race face that is within reach 😦

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