New stats reveal increase in cycling

Seems a bit high to me given the number of cars I see vs bikes on any commute I’ve done. Take the figures with a statistical pinch of salt. However if cycling is increasing it can only be a good thing for everyone.

Surrey News


Pedal power is gaining popularity in Surrey as new figures reveal the percentage of people cycling on a monthly basis has increased.

Department for Transport stats have shown that 20% of Surrey folk ride a bike at least once a month – busting the national average of

Elmbridge boasts the highest percentage of people using pedal power on a monthly basis (24%), closely followed by Guildford and Woking (23%) and Mole Valley and Waverley (22%).

In fact, the percentage of people across the county who cycle at least once a month has risen from 18% in 2010/11 to 20% in 2011/12.

In a bid to encourage more people to ride a bike, Surrey County Council is offering organisations in the Woking, Guildford, Redhill and Reigate areas the chance to bid for funds to install cycle parking. The council is also offering to match fund bids for showers and lockers…

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4 responses to “New stats reveal increase in cycling

  1. welshcyclist

    There are a lot more cycle commuters round my way, and loads more cyclists out and about when the sun shines. Call me a selfish so and so, but I don’t like it! All these novices whizzing past me, even oldies, it’s hard to take.

    • If you can trick yourself into believing they are on 7kg road bikes without any luggage it’s easier to take.

      I’m too big for cycling, if you want speed you don’t carry any extra kilos (on bike or body).

      I used to believe small people were better, but wiggins is 6’3″ and froome is 6’1″, so my height excuses don’t hold any water.

      Coming back to the road bike part though, even a cheap road bike flies along, compare bikes, try a road bike and see how fast you go. For comfort, reliability and the financials of it, I ride bikes like bluebell. Maybe one day I’ll buy a decent road bike though.

  2. That’s “rides their bike once a month”, may well only translate to a tenth of that for “uses their bike regularly”, so not really a surprise that we don’t see too many.

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