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Father’s Day ride #cycling

48 miles, rolling average 13.2 mph. One lunch stop for 45 mins.
That was today’s CTC ride, a pretty mild ride. You’d have thought I’d have managed it easily?

Well, it turns out adding a Burley trailer, a 15 month old and his baggage makes any hill a mission in itself. I’m really tired now.

It was definitely a good workout and actually earned me brownie points? A man can do something he wants and still get brownie points?
Yes, so it seems… The wife had a baby free bath, hot coffee without interruption and a whole portion of breakfast. She got the washing sorted and emptied the bins too. Result!

Happy riding.

Bicycle mirror repair #cycling

So, two broken mirrors, I bought a new one, but couldn’t bring myself to throw away the broken ones.
“Surely I can fix them?” I thought.

Super Glue – fail
Heat, melt the plastic etc – fail
Both fixes lasted 50 miles or so.
Hmm…. “How do I fix this?”

I needed to put more effort in, so here’s the kit I used:

  • a drill and some bits (wood will do)
  • screw driver
  • pliers / something to hold the mirror
  • a screw

Drill both sides with a small drill bit. Here’s the ball part (think ball and socket joint):
Looking from the other side:
Next I need a bigger hole half way through the ball side otherwise this screw wasn’t going in:
I chose a full threaded wood / chip board screw with a round / sunk head, otherwise it wouldn’t fit back in the socket.

Screw into ball and see what we have left, not much:
Trim some off, better:
The neck around the socket might get in the way now, shave it with a sharp knife.
Screw the ball to the mirror:
Then assemble, done, leave new one in the box Tim

Early June garden update

This butterhead lettuce (though not fully grown) has my name written all over it, won’t be today, but soon, very soon….20130608-181338.jpgOK, not longer after the photo and I’ve picked it 🙂

Other developments in Tim’s garden? Well, funny you should ask….

The pixy plums are putting on weight:20130608-181812.jpg
Note: spot my new and 90% finished shed in the background 🙂

The first apple buds on the young Spartan (three years old / second year in my garden). This is the best photo I could get: 20130609-110816.jpg
Then the potatoes, earthed up (still a few to do):20130609-214030.jpgEvery time I cut the lawn the grass cuttings will go around the potatoes. They make a good mulch, talking of which, it’s very important for runner beans, he’s one just starting its run:20130609-215239.jpgSure, a little slug munched, but it’ll be fine. I think you can see the slug pellets in shot, I’ve tried other techniques but pellets are the only thing that have coped with the demand.

The leeks are starting to be more visible in photo now, still a bit grass like next to the onions:20130609-214342.jpgAgain, it’s worth saying again, I’m really happy with the wire, it’s protecting against the cat running through and holding the onions up a bit more.

Finally, the raspberry plant had some bees gathering nectar points from it:20130609-220210.jpgIt’s surprisingly difficult to photograph a busy bee!

Lunch in the park #cycling

Well, it is a lovely day….

Bluebell resting in the shade:

Really nice change, try it sometime.