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Gigantic first early potatoes

Gigantic first early potatoes, it answers the question of what happens if I’m too lazy to dig them up!
This final lot weigh in at 5.25Kg, two bags full.

Letting mummy get a rest #cycling

Getting credit for going on a ride doesn’t happen often, but a tired mummy can often surprise you.
We had a lovely ride to the duck pond, 17 miles at 12 MPH. There is a climb between home and the duck pond, which is fine on Bluebell because of the wide gear range at my disposal, but it impacts the average speed somewhat.
I managed to get a photo without any geese of ducks, I’m sure the lake was full when we arrived 🙂

When we got nearer home I diverted to the swings, he enjoyed them, but he was very quiet. When I got him home he was in a deep sleep for some time, mummy was happy!

On the ride we were overtaken (separately) by a couple of guys on road bikes, each commented on how fast I was going. On the flat and once up to speed I don’t notice the Burley that much, but 4 MPH below my normal cruising speed is a fair amount.

Late July garden update #gardening #food

Everything appears to be going well apart from the runner beans aren’t flowering yet.

Another batch of early potatoes that are actually pretty large:
One point devil kilos, 1.666kg. There’s another couple of rows of three plants left (on the left / just above the onions):
The main crop won’t be required till August:
But the plants still look good, they’ll keep growing and growing, muhahahaaa.
The onions are starting to gain weight:
And the leeks are doing well too:
The plum tree is still heavy (though a few have fallen)
Half the apples have fallen, but there are still some remaining
Lettuce consumption falls (in my house) when the potatoes are in season, but they are still cared for (watered):
(Sorry for sideways photo)

The raspberry plants are providing a constant supply, we’ll freeze some as we quickly get bored of them.
Strawberries are small and not very many, but my toddler loves them, so I don’t get to have any… maybe there are more that get eaten and I don’t see them.

And finally, who said lazy gardening doesn’t pay off? I’ll soon have blackberries because I couldn’t be bothered to clip back the brambles:

Dig for your dinner

Turns out my wife has been sharing out my first earlies so I had to dig up more. I don’t mind the sharing of my crop, but they should dig their own dinner and leave mine alone 🙂
Worth seeing the increase in size over the first batch:


2.1Kg, hopefully they’ll last a few more days than the last lot.

Today someone mentioned to me how disappointing the shop bought new potatoes are this year. It really satisfies my question of “are they worth all this watering and digging?” since they have a fantastic flavour.

First earlies of 2013

I’ve been far lazier this year, or maybe patient is the word. The garden is much later this year for me, here’s the first batch of my first early potatoes (Arran Pilot):

1.7Kg, that’ll do a few meals worth.
Indeed they were lovely with some mint and butter.

The first Raspberries and Strawberries of 2013

Sure, my son had a one or two and so did I, but I saved these for later:
This is more Strawberries than we had the whole of last year!
Happy eating.