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First Spartan Apple

The first Spartan apple from the new* tree:
Tasty 🙂

* the tree is one year old when bought, but three years old now and has a lot of growing to do. First year after planting you should remove the fruit buds to promote growth rather than fruit production. The second year after planting (I.e. Now) you hold your fingers crossed and hope for a small crop, too many isn’t a good thing for the same reason, you want the tree to grow. I wanted more than three apples, but hey, I’ll be swamped in eating apples in the coming years.

Garden September 2013 update

The last batch of Desiree potatoes (they’re monsters):
We’re going to be eating my potatoes for some time to come.
Things to look forward to long term are just the leeks, which still look a bit weedy, but they always do:
The Bramley apples are nearly ready, I’ve tested a few already:
Sure, they tease me, but these, the first Spartan apples on my 2 year old tree, taunt me!
Daily defence against toddler attack has left me pretty protective of them now only those three remain.
This year I’ve been inundated with frogs (of are they toads?) of all sizes, but hundreds of babies like this one:
There’s no neighbours that have ponds to my knowledge, so it’s a bit odd. They are tiny and very cute.

Nearly the last batch of potatoes in 2013

Better late than never, I’ve dug up the majority of the remaining potatoes, there are still four Desiree plants left to dig another day (ran out of time):
The paper bag contains a couple of kilo of larger Desiree potatoes for baking and the boxes are Desiree and Maris Piper. Though planted in the same location at the same time, the Maris Piper have been smaller but more abundant (not bad for a sprouting bag of potatoes the wife had forgot about).
If I watered more and used fertiliser instead of my composted garden waste I’d probably do even better.

Eagerly awaiting my apples to be ready now, from small apple to my stomach seems to take ages!

First pixy plum crop 2013

There’s still a couple of kilo on the tree, but here’s the first 6KG!


Tomorrow I’ll be removing the stones, what fun! Of course the real fun is in the eating, which I’ve been doing a fair bit of already.