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Derailleur moments that I don’t miss #cycling

I pull up to a junction and guess what, I’m in the wrong gear. No worries I can change gear when I’m stationary… oh… I’m not riding Bluebell, I’m on a derailleur bike… No Rohloff! Gasp!

OK, stay calm, accelerate gently in this high gear and change down gently….

Well, I guess you know what happened next.

Rohloff chain replacement and grinding noises #cycling

I recently replaced my chain, I then notice a grinding noise coming from the Rohloff side of things. It’s nothing to worry about… but it is something that is must and can easily be fixed…

I’ve had this before when I’ve over tightened the eccentric bottom bracket, so I loosened that up a bit and tried another test ride. The grinding noise was still there under power / high tension on the chain.

The Rohloff sprocket is normally reversible (13T is the exception I think), so I took the beast (Park Chain Whip) and whipped it off, flipped it over and the problem is solved.


Altura Mayhem Full Finger Gloves

Altura Mayhem Full Finger Gloves

These are a bargain at £13.01 at time of posting, I own a pair and I have to say they are my favourite autumn gloves (which I still wear under warmer gloves in winter)… OK, I’m trying to resist filling my drawer with them, my other gloves have cost a lot more and aren’t any better.