Altura Mayhem Full Finger Gloves

Altura Mayhem Full Finger Gloves

These are a bargain at £13.01 at time of posting, I own a pair and I have to say they are my favourite autumn gloves (which I still wear under warmer gloves in winter)… OK, I’m trying to resist filling my drawer with them, my other gloves have cost a lot more and aren’t any better.

4 responses to “Altura Mayhem Full Finger Gloves

  1. I’ve just bought some new waterproof ( I hope ) gloves, they are Outeredge Winter gloves. Getting ready for wintery commutes, I’ve joined the cyclescheme at work, and waiting for the clothing, tyres and tools to arrive by post.

    • Do you own winter tyres for the icy roads? Well worth getting if not.

      • The ones I’ve ordered are Continental Top Contact Winter II tyres, they’re not studded, but cost £99.99 for the pair, so I’m going to give them a go. The cyclescheme is great, I’ve ordered £300 worth, but pay back through monthly salary sacrifice before tax and national insurance, so will save by a discount of 25%. Anyway it saves me dishing out cash up front, and I ordered all of it from the clearance zone at Tredz online, so some of the gear was already discounted, 31% in the case of the jacket I ordered. Though I was a bit miffed Tredz slapped 10% back on the discounts, because they said Cyclescheme charges them 10% for sales generated through the scheme. It didn’t happen with Evans Cycles last year, but they didn’t have what I was looking for in their clearance this time around. But I’m happy enough, and hopefully I am getting some real bargains, especially if it all performs well. Cheers.

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