Rohloff chain replacement and grinding noises #cycling

I recently replaced my chain, I then notice a grinding noise coming from the Rohloff side of things. It’s nothing to worry about… but it is something that is must and can easily be fixed…

I’ve had this before when I’ve over tightened the eccentric bottom bracket, so I loosened that up a bit and tried another test ride. The grinding noise was still there under power / high tension on the chain.

The Rohloff sprocket is normally reversible (13T is the exception I think), so I took the beast (Park Chain Whip) and whipped it off, flipped it over and the problem is solved.


3 responses to “Rohloff chain replacement and grinding noises #cycling

  1. You make it sound so easy, I recently used my newly acquired chain whip, or “the beast”, as you describe it, and felt like an ace mechanic. Now I’m downcast as it was only a case of whipping it off, boo hoo!

    • 🙂
      Sure, when you are experienced it isn’t anywhere near as difficult as the first time!

      Having a good chain whip turns this sort of thing into a much easier task too, if done correctly…
      My tip is to cable tie your chain whip to the sprocket / cassette so it doesn’t come off. Once done just cut off the cable tie (or undo it if it’s a re-usable one).

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