Stiff Rohloff shifting #cycling

I’ve been meaning to write about my Rohloff shifting experiences I had a couple of years ago I for a while now, probably since I had them, but now I’m finally putting the words down on virtual paper.

I had a long commute at the time and I was getting really bad wrist pain in my shifting hand. This was before I had decent grips too, so it wasn’t the most comfortable ride either. I put the wrist strain down to shifting it too much, people do warn of such wrist strain injuries that can occur, but this is one I never thought I’d encounter.

So, tugging at the gear ring cables and the Rohloff seemed to change gear easily enough, pulling the gear cable through by hand also seemed a little stiff, but nothing major, so I couldn’t see a problem.

I decided to replace the gear cable inner and outer (cable housing) just to rule that out and my gosh, what a difference! Shifting was then possible using only my finger and thumb rather than huge effort, marvellous. My wrist strain went away and I also bought some decent ergonomic grips, I’ve not had a problem since!

What prompted the change of cable was a bit of rust I spotted, but actually it turned out to be far worse, the housing had actually split in a couple of places and was long overdue a replacement.

I often think that if I want a bike that feels new, the best thing to do is replace the cables, adjust the brakes and that makes a world of difference.


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