BT Business Hub 3 and a TP-LINK 150M Wireless N Range Extender Model No. TL-WA750RE @BTBusiness @BTCare

There’s me blaming the BT Business Hub 3… BT even agreed it was a problem with the hub, but I had a problem with my range extender too, so I did my own PD and came to a different conclusion!

The problem:

BT Business Hub 3 giving you the IP of for the DNS, so DNS lookups fail, but using IP address or manually configuring the DNS setting to works.

The cause:

Once I realised the DNS server IP address it was giving was the range extender’s IP address it made a lot of sense, searching around the internet I saw someone mention disabling DHCP on the range extender and that is the fix.

The fix:

Reset range extender to factory defaults

Plug in Ethernet cable

Manually configure IP address:, subnet mask, default gateway

Go to the admin page login using admin, admin.

Exit Quick Setup if it opens

Go to Network -> LAN

Choose Static IP

IP Address:

Subnet Mask:


Save etc

Go back in again.

Go to DHCP -> DHCP Settings

Choose DHCP Server: Disable


Now go configure the Wireless options etc.

Once complete disconnect the cable and try the wireless, it should work now.

This is probably an issue for the BT Home Hub too, but I don’t have one to validate it, regardless, you should turn off the DHCP as shown above, the BT Home Hub is your DHCP server.

Hope that helps.


4 responses to “BT Business Hub 3 and a TP-LINK 150M Wireless N Range Extender Model No. TL-WA750RE @BTBusiness @BTCare

  1. I want to understand, really I do.

    I guess this is what Karen feels like when she reads my blog and says “But it’s all nerdy stuff about bikes!”…

  2. I’ve done this, and now I can’t get to the control panel on the extender… The static IP I assigned isn’t working! Just wondering if you have the same issue. If I just can’t get onto the config, then it’s no biggie, but I was hoping to be able to set it to broadcast a different SSID to try and diagnose some connection problems for my housemate

    • The static IP will only work via Ethernet cable. Maybe give it another try. Another thing to try (off the top of my head) is to turn the primary router off then power off and on the extender and you should be able to access it wirelessly. Hope that helps.

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