A new chainring and pedal reflectors, yes, you heard me. #cycling

Lastly, firstly, pedal reflectors are a legal requirement in the UK, other than that, I think they are worthwhile, they can’t do any harm. Don’t be fooled though, reflectors give people false hope, get decent lights, spend a lot of money on them and be safe. Pedal reflectors won’t help when the vehicle’s windows are misted up or it’s a rainy day. Only bright lights will penetrate that.

But anyway… I was down to my last one, they keep breaking, falling off etc. So I bought some new bolt on ones, let’s see how long they last.

Now, the highlight, a brand spanking new Thorn chainring, 48T and reversible (eat that derailleur lovers):


Notice how clean Bluebell is compared with normal? I treated her to a clean not so long ago 🙂

Also, note the black oil marks are on alternate teeth, bonus points if you can guess why this is? Wow, cycling trivia, almost.

And for comparison old against new:


Extra trivia, is the original (on top) a reversible chainring and explain why 🙂


2 responses to “A new chainring and pedal reflectors, yes, you heard me. #cycling

  1. OK, I’ll admit to being stumped about why the oil marks are on alternate teeth… Perhaps because you’re not running a half link chain?

    The old ring doesn’t look reversible to me because 1) I think it’s dished and therefore would screw up your chainline and 2) are those sifting ramps? Looks to be an outer ring from a triple chainset rather than a dedicated single ring.

    Anyhow, the new ring looks great and it’s nice to have you back blogging!

    • Thanks, I hope you enjoy my other post on unit testing lol.

      Inner plates and outer plates, the inner plates have touched the teeth and deposited oil, 48 is even, so the inner plates haven’t touched the alternate teeth.

      Yes on the shifting ramps, good spot.
      There’s another clue as to how it has been used, the very one sided wear on the teeth.

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