My new (as good as) Burley D’lite #cycling

An as good as new Burley D’lite came up on eBay (used once), this thing is in mint condition, so I paid the buy it now price and got family to collect it and deliver it to me.
“But you already have a Burley?”
Yes, a Solo, but now I have two kids (note to self, can’t have any more because they don’t make a triple seater).
My family didn’t understand why I paid so much and didn’t bid, I overpaid, until they saw one go for more money a week later.
Plus I like the blue an yellow, Halfords only have an orange ugly version and £235 more than I paid.

It’s got big 20″ wheels:

A big boot:


My favourite improvement over the old Solo is the clip buckle rather than poppers for accessing the boot

The Thorn Raven Sport Tour / Rohloff friendly (standard forged) mount

The tissue paper still in the rain cover, I told you it was as new

Until I took it out…

Most importantly it has two seats, though moving the straps and position it can sit a single child

Half a day of clearing out the shed and…. Ta da! (The two flags are just out of shot.)

In more or less perfect alignment for hitching up to Bluebell when I need it

Have I used it yet? No, I’ve had a bad cold and have barely managed any miles since I got it 😦


One response to “My new (as good as) Burley D’lite #cycling

  1. Great post, cheers

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