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Microsoft Google Authenticator code not accepted :(

I was getting frustrated with (Hotmail as I still call it) and its two factor authentication, it just wouldn’t accept the code from my Authenticator app on my phone.

I re-installed it, fiddled with everything, it just wouldn’t setup again.

It turns out the time on the phone is critical to the generated code, my phone has automatic time sync turned off, so over time, the time was a minute or more out. I set the time correctly (using an internet time server for reference) and the app now links up correctly with

My bike does ride itself apparently #cycling

I saw this in the CTC e-mail

Visual Studio replace Carriage Return Line Feed (CR LF) with comma and space @VisualStudio

To flatten a list of text into a CSV row you can use Visual Studio (which is where I normally am anyway).

Replace In Files (SHIFT + CTRL + H)
Find what: \r\n
Replace with: ,
(that is a comma then a space)
Look in: Current Document
Use Regular Expressions ticked