Today was a day for breaking records #cycling

Sure, nobody except me will be proud of these, but…

  • Today I cleaned Bluebell for the second time this year! And yes, it was raining at the time, she didn’t mind though. I even cleaned her chain with the fancy chain cleaning gizmo that I never bother to use, I can see why I never bother with the faffy thing.
  • Today was only the second time I have bought anything cycling related this year (total spend on cycling this year is only £64)
I can definitely say that Bluebell is very low maintenance and cost, so long as you keep the Rohloff oil changes as they advise and also occasionally check oil levels to make sure you don’t run dry. The only semi-regular maintenance she needs is brake tweaks (as they wear), chain oil and eccentric bottom bracket tweaks (as the chain wears).
I sometimes dream of a super speedy road bike, but I know I’m too busy / lazy to maintain it, so I will keep Bluebell and not needlessly waste money on some fragile carbon money-pit.

4 responses to “Today was a day for breaking records #cycling

  1. I am with you Tim, low maintenance is vital as far as I am concerned. Working 12 hour shifts, commuting for 2-3 hours 4 times a week plus all the extra pfaffing attached to being a family man, I don’t seem to have a minute to spare. It must be a breeze having the Rohloff on Bluebell, I have a 27-speed derailleur set up, which because of my poor maintenance abilities, is limited to usage of the middle ring, so I only have 9 gears, which I cope with OK. Like you my “Betty”, sees a good wash rarely, once early this year, though I do use a brush and wet rag occasionally, but I lube every now and then. Subjected to this poor maintenance regime she hasn’t let me down. Credit must be given to the bike makers for providing such a reliable piece of equipment, in my case Raleigh. I have all the tools to have go, but always have something else in my “in tray” when I get the inclination to become a mechanic of sorts. Nice to see you are still blogging, I have all but stopped, I miss blogging away. Cheers.

    • In terms of blogging, I lost my way a little, the same old same old didn’t really appeal and other than the occasional rant (which is of no interest to anyone) I had no news. Not buying anything also contributed to the lack of anything to brag about too.

      Front derailleurs are a problem, old chainrings and / or bent or warn derailleur mean it’s not a simple tweak up you can do it fix it… New parts are the only answer.

      • Don’t I know it, that’s why I’m stuck on the middle ring. But I don’t despair, because the range seems fine for me, and 9 gears is better than 3, 7, and 8. I started reading a book once ” Just Ride “, by a famous american bike maker, who summed it up, one gear for the flat, one gear for uphill and another for downhill, so with 9 I should be fine. Except on those long up hill climbs, which I tend to shy away from any way.

        • You could declutter your bike and save a few hundred grams, though it probably won’t make any difference and I doubt you’d notice it.

          The climbs on my route are short and not very steep, I try and take them in if I can, but I would avoid anything too strenuous on my way to work 🙂

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