Blown it all #cycling

Though it is windy outside, I am not talking about the weather this time.

2015 was a controlled year so far, very little spending (buying my wife a cheap bike in the summer does not count), then… Black Friday happened. had (still have at time of writing) £40 off when you spend £200 on clothing and helmets. I had no intention of buying:

  • 2 long sleeve jerseys
  • 2 pairs of long fingered gloves
  • 2 pairs of mitts
  • 2 summer jerseys
  • 3 pairs of shorts
  • cycle shoes and cleats

I did intend on buying

  • 1 long sleeve jersey (only if the price was right)
  • 1 pair of long fingered gloves
  • 1 pair of winter gloves

The long sleeve jerseys were half the price of my original, which I paid £45 for in January 2011. Sure I never bought a second because it wasn’t worth that money, I’ve been using a gilet and arm warmers when the jersey is in the wash. But at half the price I bought two and the gilet and arm warmer faff will be over.

The summer jerseys and shorts were cheap, my shorts are a bit hole-ridden (LOL) so I couldn’t turn them down.

Shoes? Yeah! I will be a proper cyclist now, no more tramp shoes for me baby! Sure, I used to look at tramps (who always wore better shoes than my cycling shoes) and wondered if they cycled.

So anyway, I easily spent over £200 and I never did get the winter gloves.

It has still been a free hobby (offset by commuting), cheaper than running a second car, cheaper than any other way of getting to work and good for my health. No, I won’t mention the dog poo fiasco of last week, I’m only going to blog about the good things, not about getting covered in it.


4 responses to “Blown it all #cycling

  1. Hi Tim, I took advantage of my employer’s Cyclescheme just over two weeks ago, a very long list of goodies that I will be paying for through my salary over the next year, a grands worth that will cost me £750, plus all the goods I got at discount prices in the sale at Evans Cycles in Cardiff. Third time I have used the scheme. Cheers

    • Wow, that’s a lot of kit, what did you get? My current employer hasn’t setup the cycle scheme, maybe I should have pushed for it a bit more. I thought it only covered bikes?

      • It’s a long list, most expensive items were, Garmin Vivoactive watch, £180, Shimano Goretex waterproof cycling shoes, £116, A Dawes trail bike for my son, £197, then three base layer long sleeve tops, three padded undershorts, three pairs winter socks, two pairs of winter gloves, one for me and the other for my son, two waterproof jackets, one for her indoors, and the other for my son, plus a waterproof cap. I hope they will all be put to good use. The shoes, I really hope, will keep my feet dry, despite all the rain we’ve had I haven’t had the nerve to wear them yet, mainly because, they are the most expensive shoes I have ever possessed. Mad eh? Oh and a Drybag saddle bag to keep my bits and bobs that really need to be kept dry, been using that for the last week, and fair play it keeps my mobile phone out of danger from all this wet stuff. Cheers.

        • You’d be amazed how little I’ve spent on shoes in 7 years of cycling. I don’t regret it yet… until my new shoes come and I will love them (I hope) and will curse myself for not buying sooner. I can relate with new shoes, I had shiny white trainers and didn’t wear them for 3 months.

          Please do let us know how good the watch is, I’m keen on hearing about gadgets even if I don’t own any (yet).

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