Winter gloves #cycling

I tried (and failed) to buy winter gloves, the reviews were either very positive of very negative. What works for one person doesn’t for another. They are expensive and without knowing which are good and which are bad there is no way I can buy them verses my normal winter solution.

Normally I wear full finger cycling gloves from autumn to spring, when the weather drops below (5 – 8C) I reach for a cheap pair of (thinsulate style) gloves to wear over the top. The full fingers gloves have cost £13 – £24 in the past, but currently I tend to be paying around £16 per pair. The cheap gloves I wear over the top cost between £5 and £10 per pair.

I prefer to pay £5 – £10 for gloves that sort of work vs taking a risk on £25+ gloves, given the fact that I already own the long finger gloves.

I fully expect I’d be more than happy with any of the winter gloves, maybe I need to go shopping to a real cycle shop and get my hands on them in person. What works for you?

6 responses to “Winter gloves #cycling

  1. I wear thin gloves most of the time, when the temperature drops and the rain is persistent I go for waterproof gloves. Mind you, I have yet to find truly waterproof ones. I confess I have only ever paid £20 for such gloves, but these were heavily discounted in sales, with good reviews. I disagree with you in this case, if they are waterproof then my hands shouldn’t be soaking wet, so they can’t work for anyone? It’s really important when the temperature drops that our hands stay dry, because icy cold wet hands are very uncomfortable indeed.

    • I will keep tabs on how wet my gloves get, but normally it’s lack of movement and tight gloves that have caused my two pair solution to not be satisfactory. Which winter gloves do you rate the highest?

  2. The Sealskinz ultragrip ( gloves seem to do well for me. They seem to work anywhere between 10 degrees and raining down to -1/-2.

    • I had a pair of those, a few years ago, unfortunately, they were not durable enough for me, they fell apart after one year. Perhaps they have improved, but, I don’t recall they kept my hands that dry either.

  3. Having scouted out around town I did end up splashing out on a half price pair of trespass gloves (£15) in XL, so there’s plenty of finger tip room and I can wear a pair of gloves beneath. The cheaper gloves all seemed a bit tight (one size doesn’t fit all). I will keep an eye out for cheaper ones though. Maybe winter will arrive one day next year 🙂

    • The Trespass gloves sound good, but I have yet to find gloves that a truly waterproof. Currently, I am still wearing thin summer gloves because it is still so mild. As you know I have bought some new waterproof gloves, through Cyclescheme, hope they will do the job, don’t have the make to hand. Cheers.

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