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Disconnected Entity Framework entity problems #dev #EntityFramework

Entity Framework is both a nice ORM and a confusing one, by default you get features that work well within a context scope, but outside (I.e. disconnected) it doesn’t work nicely. For example exceptions get thrown or navigation properties are emptied.

For work I wrote my own repository classes (as a lot of people do) that sit on top of Entity Framework and I use it a particular way. I’m more than happy with it and I can mix stored procedures with it when I need to.

I’ve put together some test cases that show some of the problems and some manual ways you can use it differently:

Granted, this might not be that useful to anyone other than me, but I don’t know until the gits voice an opinion.

New job means a new route #cycling #work

Today I celebrated the New Year with a test ride to the office I will be working at from Monday.

From the main roads there’s a choice of lanes or the horse poo covered tracks that take you over a lovely little bridge:


Which is over a little river that winds its way around the office, underneath the access road and another office:

From the road you go over the access bridge:

Around the back of the office:

And into the rack  

Notice the map (google maps print out) on top of my bar bag, no fancy gadgets for Christmas, not even a proper map!

Bluebell has a nice view from her parking space:

Much nicer than an underground car park.

The new route is 12.5 miles, longer than my previous normal route which was 8 miles, but less than the crazy mileage I did before that.