My new spare and ice weather bike #cycling

I bought a cheap-ish mountain bike (Coyote Oklahoma), swapped the tyres and fitted mudguards (which is more tricky than you might imagine). I’ve put over a hundred miles on it commuting this week, so it’s holding up fine:

I lock the front suspension and it rides ok, not as good as bluebell (my normal ride), but I can ride it when bluebell needs repairing or it’s icy and I don’t want to keep swapping tyres.

I like the idea of disc brakes, not only because they stop better in the wet, but more the fact that discs and pads are easier to replace than a rim.

It’s got 26″ wheels, which is a dying breed looking at the mountain bikes for sale at the moment.

The front mudguards don’t have a mount on the forks, so I improvised using cable ties, it seems pretty solid:

The disc brake and bolt gets in the way at the rear, but some spacers, longer bolts and bending them to fit:

A few more spaces nearest the chairing and it’s also pretty stable.

Next project is to do some work on bluebell… And ride the abomination until she’s done 🙂

2 responses to “My new spare and ice weather bike #cycling

  1. Looking good

  2. Not bad for a winter hack!

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