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A week of Rudy brings some minor tweaks #cycling

To prevent frame damage from the Rohloff bayonet connectors, I fitted a chain stay protector:
It’s a Lezyne Chain Stay Protector, choosing the size was a guess, I chose small and it’s a perfect snug fit. Normally you wouldn’t have the cables running this way, but the step through frame leaves not much other option.

Next was a new light / accessory bar / handlebar extension, the Minoura Space Grip is vastly improved. The model is SGL-300 in Medium. It’s plenty long enough for my needs.
It appears nice and strong, but only the miles will tell. Other than actually being able to adjust it without taking it apart (anyone who owns or has owned the previous model will know what I mean), I like the quick release feature.
Mounting this way puts the lights in front rather than behind the steerer, another annoying feature of crank forwards is the angle of the steerer. Though this is a bit hard to imagine without seeing it.


How much slack to leave in Rohloff cables

Someone asked “how much slack to leave in rohloff cables”.

Well, that is the great thing, the gear cables don’t need fine tuned tension to work, once correctly setup they are set until you need a new cable or gear ring cable whichever comes first (normally the latter).

Mine are loose but only a fraction of a turn on the shifter will take that slack up. You have to be sensible about it, too tight and those bayonet connectors are not going to couple easily, too loose and you’ll be waggling into your spokes and of course will not be able to change into all 525% / 14 evenly spaced gears.

The nice thing is the barrel adjusters can take up the excess slack if you have a bit too much.

Have you seen Shimano’s effort even on their latest Alfine? Yuck! No better than my awful Nexus.