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My new (as good as) Burley D’lite #cycling

An as good as new Burley D’lite came up on eBay (used once), this thing is in mint condition, so I paid the buy it now price and got family to collect it and deliver it to me.
“But you already have a Burley?”
Yes, a Solo, but now I have two kids (note to self, can’t have any more because they don’t make a triple seater).
My family didn’t understand why I paid so much and didn’t bid, I overpaid, until they saw one go for more money a week later.
Plus I like the blue an yellow, Halfords only have an orange ugly version and £235 more than I paid.

It’s got big 20″ wheels:

A big boot:


My favourite improvement over the old Solo is the clip buckle rather than poppers for accessing the boot

The Thorn Raven Sport Tour / Rohloff friendly (standard forged) mount

The tissue paper still in the rain cover, I told you it was as new

Until I took it out…

Most importantly it has two seats, though moving the straps and position it can sit a single child

Half a day of clearing out the shed and…. Ta da! (The two flags are just out of shot.)

In more or less perfect alignment for hitching up to Bluebell when I need it

Have I used it yet? No, I’ve had a bad cold and have barely managed any miles since I got it 😦

Letting mummy get a rest #cycling

Getting credit for going on a ride doesn’t happen often, but a tired mummy can often surprise you.
We had a lovely ride to the duck pond, 17 miles at 12 MPH. There is a climb between home and the duck pond, which is fine on Bluebell because of the wide gear range at my disposal, but it impacts the average speed somewhat.
I managed to get a photo without any geese of ducks, I’m sure the lake was full when we arrived 🙂

When we got nearer home I diverted to the swings, he enjoyed them, but he was very quiet. When I got him home he was in a deep sleep for some time, mummy was happy!

On the ride we were overtaken (separately) by a couple of guys on road bikes, each commented on how fast I was going. On the flat and once up to speed I don’t notice the Burley that much, but 4 MPH below my normal cruising speed is a fair amount.

Father’s Day ride #cycling

48 miles, rolling average 13.2 mph. One lunch stop for 45 mins.
That was today’s CTC ride, a pretty mild ride. You’d have thought I’d have managed it easily?

Well, it turns out adding a Burley trailer, a 15 month old and his baggage makes any hill a mission in itself. I’m really tired now.

It was definitely a good workout and actually earned me brownie points? A man can do something he wants and still get brownie points?
Yes, so it seems… The wife had a baby free bath, hot coffee without interruption and a whole portion of breakfast. She got the washing sorted and emptied the bins too. Result!

Happy riding.

DIY rear light mount from the rack #cycling

Having no visible seat post to mount a second rear light caused some head scratching. The rack has a light mounted on it, but I wanted another.
Here’s what I came up with
A spare rack part, a bolt, an old Burley connector (plastic pipe and a drill would be an alternative) and a standard light bracket.
The rack part (struggling to think what they are called) is bolted with two bolts to the rack, preventing it from moving in any direction. The Burley connector is bolted to the rack part which also has the light bracket holding it from moving.

Here’s the fitted results

It vibrates a little, so a more stiff joining piece of metal would be better (the rack part). The Burley connector could be cut down an inch too.
But it works.

Burley finally fitted to Bluebell #cycling

My Burley Rohloff problem:20130126-231527.jpg
So that was the standard hitch that came with it. It fits my Nexus bike well, but as you can see the Rohloff cables are fouled by it on Bluebell (Thorn Raven Sport Tour).

The gear range on the Nexus isn’t good enough for pulling the baby up hills, so I have been desperately trying to find some way to use Bluebell instead.

Lots of guesswork and a couple of purchases later and we’re sorted:
The skewer is now on the other side and half of the hitch remains on my bike:

Guesswork? Well, it wasn’t obvious (to me at least) which parts I needed, but the gamble paid off.

Now to find time to take on my nearest hill with baby in tow (however unimpressive it may be to some), especially now the snow down here has gone.

Gentle ride to the duck pond with the baby #cycling

He was as quiet as a mouse for the 12 mile ride, even up the hill (going both ways).
There was a postcard picture moment of a squirrel scoffing his face perched on a log looking directly at me as I cycled past. It’s not the first time either (different squirrel though).

The Nexus lacks the gear range, boy did I miss Bluebell today. I’m hankering after a better baby bike!
I can’t use bluebell until I get a different Burley attachment because of the Rohloff cables

The family shopping trip #cycling

Ready to go with a smile….20121007-142434.jpg
Sleeping soundly upon return, only crying before leaving town
It’s the wife’s bike in the background, if she starts cycling more then I’ll buy a nicer bike, till then she’s stuck with that old Frankenstein bike.
And no, I don’t live on a beach, that’s my driveway.
I hadn’t realised how much we’d bought
The Burley holds a fair amount in the back, I didn’t have any luggage on the bike, but I imagine you could carry a lot if you did.

It really is odd how little the weight bothers me, I guess we’re not climbing mountains or going fast, so that’s good.

I hope we get a few more of these rides in before winter kicks in and puts the wife off the idea.