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Garden update

Last night I posted a snapshot of the garden on 26th May, well a fair bit has changed since then, I mentioned some of the changes, but I thought some more recent photos would be nice, so here’s another update…

Can you spot the leek seedlings?

Here’s one, the tell-tale folded leaf on the seedling:

The potatoes have exploded, here’s a photo to compare with the last post:

I earthed them up on the weekend:

And even the spares growing in the soil pile have really come on:

The broccoli look happy now I’ve weeded them:

The cat features in the top corner of the photo, she was around my feet for most of the time, sucking up after eating my charger cable!

The runner bean race was won and the strongest looking one did indeed reach the top of the fence first:

Another Damson picture, look carefully and you’ll see a fair few damsons:

I’m looking forward to educating those who never tried a damson 🙂

The raspberry bush is looking plentiful, the children will enjoy these this year:

The strawbs are looking much better this year:

Last year I eat most of them, maybe this year others will too.

Finally, not strictly garden related, but I’m trying bean sprouts (Mung beans). A tablespoon full, warm water and a jam jar:

Placed in a box (padded with news paper so it doesn’t tip up:

Closed up to keep the light out:

This is trial and error, we’ll see how they go.

Cat chewed my bike light charger #cycling

This weekend was a lovely rest and gave me some time to spend on the garden and I didn’t do any cycling at all.
This is very fortunate because yesterday I noticed the cat had chewed through my Air Bike Ever Light SL1 battery charger and the battery no longer charges. This meant I had to do an emergency repair of the cable and I’m now searching out a replacement or alternative lighting solution.

I’ve posted up on the CTC forum hoping to get some advice from the beardies, I’ll keep you posted on what they come up with and what I eventually decide on.

To anybody who reads this: I’d love to know your suggestions too please.

CTC renewal due #cycling @CTC_Cyclists #cats

You know when your CTC renewal is due, you get the letter through the post.
I looked at the date and thought, it’s OK, I’ve got ages, so the paperwork was carefully placed somewhere that I wouldn’t forget about it (also known as the filing cabinet [the floor]).
Weeks pass then the cat comes in with muddy foot prints and reminds me about it:

Thanks cat!

I’ve now signed up with direct debit payment, so I won’t be relying on the cat to remind me about my next renewal.

Reflective vs cat eyes #cycling #cats

My pesky cat got on top of the wardrobe and sat in the middle of the tyre that is on top of the wheel box, before getting her down I took a photo:

Next to her you can see the reflective patch on my Ortlieb Office Pannier bag. I think the reflective patch is brighter.

Let there be light

Today, with the help of my ladder footer / rope puller [dad], I cut down two huge branches from a tree that was blocking a lot of light from the end of the garden and from my (bike) shed. I also cut down two large branches from two smaller trees at the end of the garden that were also blocking light. Granted all this is a bit late for the apple tree that only gave a few small apples this year, but it’s getting a lot more sun now and I have high hopes for next year.

I should have taken a couple of photos, but I was a bit too focused on getting all the work done without crushing the (bike) shed with one of trees or me!
Here is a photo that kind of shows what the tree was like (it’s actually a photo of the cat drinking from the bird bath):

Here’s a photo of the wood (the small branch and leaf pile was massive and no photo would do it justice):

Here’s the final outcome:

Again as photos go this is rubbish and doesn’t show how much extra light there is on the apple tree and (bike) shed.

I’m really happy with how this turned out, the (bike) shed survived and is now in a lot less danger.
Oh, final thought on this, I’m pretty good at throwing hammers attached to pieces of rope.

p.s. reality will hit home tomorrow as I’ll be carting the tree remains to the skip for most of the day, isn’t that what days off are for?