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First snow fun 2015 #cycling

I love a light snow shower. Before it freezes I love a thin layer of snow on my commute.




Swift response from CTC on Wiggins helmet ideas #cycling

CTC on Wiggins helmet ideas

To be honest I disagree with Wiggins too, the standard of driving is poor, drivers are impatient and drive to quickly, whether I wear a helmet or not will not protect me against that.

Road safety focus needs to be on improving driving standards, I once discussed this with a friend…
17+ year olds drive properly (stay with me), they reach a level, they pass a test, great, so they can driver properly but choose not to 🙂
Everyone else who passed their years ago who really wouldn’t pass a test should not be on the road.
Aggressive or thrill seeking, testosterone fueled drivers shouldn’t be on the road either.
Changing any driving test or requirements for new drivers completely misses the existing road dangers from “experienced”, “good” drivers!

Ride confidently and allow enough room to avoid collisions whenever possible, give large vehicles space and don’t go alongside them.

10 Common Questions about Cycling #cycling

I stumbled onto a helpful Q & A from the CTC: 10 Common Questions about Cycling

Whenever somebody mentions safety I normally say “And people don’t die in car collisions or crossing the street?”. It always seems easier to make them feel less safe about their current travel arrangements than to defend the safety of cycling. I also sometimes ask them where they get the idea that cycling is unsafe from, are they quoting confirmed statistics or just because they can’t ride a bike safely? Generally I think this comes from their fear and I agree, I’ve never been on a horse, so in my head I’m going to snap my neck the first time I try and ride one, but it doesn’t mean horse riding is dangerous, err, is it?

The key to discussing cycling is to first know if the person is an idiot, don’t argue with them if they are, you know the saying 🙂

Another approach is that you can always agree with them… “yes, bloody tree hugging cyclists, I know, but this driver this morning, I was stuck behind him for miles as he was doing 29MPH in a 30MPH limit during rush hour, can you believe it, some people shouldn’t be on the road should they?”

Cycle helmets, worth the bother or not? #cycling #safety

The @CTC_Cyclists tweeted “Dutch cycling union say helmets give ‘false sense of security’ and helmet law would be bad for health” see the article here.

I’ve had similar thoughts myself, other thoughts are mentioned in my post Helmet sir?.
Also please consider voting in the poll for fun, comment if you have anything you want to say.

Helmet sir?

I choose to wear a helmet because out of court settlements are less for cyclists who weren’t wearing a helmet (so cases suggest http://www.cyclistsdefencefund.org.uk/cycle-helmets-and-contributory-negligence/recent-cases) so I’d like to know why people wear them.