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Bicycle mirror repair #cycling

So, two broken mirrors, I bought a new one, but couldn’t bring myself to throw away the broken ones.
“Surely I can fix them?” I thought.

Super Glue – fail
Heat, melt the plastic etc – fail
Both fixes lasted 50 miles or so.
Hmm…. “How do I fix this?”

I needed to put more effort in, so here’s the kit I used:

  • a drill and some bits (wood will do)
  • screw driver
  • pliers / something to hold the mirror
  • a screw

Drill both sides with a small drill bit. Here’s the ball part (think ball and socket joint):
Looking from the other side:
Next I need a bigger hole half way through the ball side otherwise this screw wasn’t going in:
I chose a full threaded wood / chip board screw with a round / sunk head, otherwise it wouldn’t fit back in the socket.

Screw into ball and see what we have left, not much:
Trim some off, better:
The neck around the socket might get in the way now, shave it with a sharp knife.
Screw the ball to the mirror:
Then assemble, done, leave new one in the box Tim