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First snow fun 2015 #cycling

I love a light snow shower. Before it freezes I love a thin layer of snow on my commute.




More #snow on the ride home #cycling

The brakes got clogged (still worked though!):
Good job there’s no room for my mudguards on Bluebell with the winter tyres.

The Rohloff was unaffected (as you’d expect):

This round of snow is the wet kind, last Friday’s snow was the dry powdery kind. So I was pretty damn when I got in, but I love it.

Light snow, to ride or not? #cycling #snow #winter

This morning I looked out onto the back garden and couldn’t even see the mess that I call my lawn, or the path to my “bike” shed

So I went out with a view of assessing whether it was suitable for commuting to work, it didn’t look good to start with

A closer look it wasn’t that deep

The garden dwellers weren’t happy either

Anyway, I decided I’d go for it and I wasn’t on my own either

My road was pretty virgin snow as nobody uses it, I failed to take a photo, I was having too much fun.

Busier side roads were more passable

The main roads were clear more or less and I arrived safely and happy I’d braved it and not resorted to using the car

(shame about that one, the lens must have misted up on my phone)

I’m looking forward to the Friday night ride home now, ride safe, have fun.