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May sun takes affect

A retrospective post about how the garden looked on 26th May.

The leeks remain unchanged, still looking like blades of grass and starting to be overtaken by grass and weeds. I’m a bit fearful of weeding them, I’m sure to pull out a lot of them in the process, so I’m going to leave them alone but as a result I’m not very hopeful of a worthwhile crop either. Mental note: next year plant in seed trays and then transplant when larger, that’ll give them a head start above the weeds.

The broccoli seedlings are starting to make themselves known and showing above the weeds:

Since this photo was taken I have weeded this area and the broccoli seedlings are looking healthy, I have lost a few, but still plenty to give a good crop.

The runner beans are climbing nicely:

The jam jar on the right is my beer trap for the slugs, they just keep coming.

And the potatoes have rocketed up:

And they’ve got even bigger since, the recent rain will aid them further.

Onions aren’t developing much, so nothing to report there.

Onto fruit, not a huge development, strawbs look plentiful, raspberries not showing as fruit just yet, but the biggest development is the Damson tree, we have fruit:

Ah, in this photo you can also see where I planted a few spare seed potatoes in the soil pile, they are growing well there too.

I’m planning on growing some lettuce too, I might be taking on too much, but I’m sure I’ll cope.

Better late than never; summer tyres fitted

Schwalbe Marathon GreenGuard fitted (26″ x 1.5″):

They are considerably lighter than the Marathon Plus tyres and cheaper too.
My bike feels lighter, more responsive and I’ll let you know if I get a huge increase in punctures now I’m not running Marathon Pluses.