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Visual Studio replace Carriage Return Line Feed (CR LF) with comma and space @VisualStudio

To flatten a list of text into a CSV row you can use Visual Studio (which is where I normally am anyway).

Replace In Files (SHIFT + CTRL + H)
Find what: \r\n
Replace with: ,
(that is a comma then a space)
Look in: Current Document
Use Regular Expressions ticked

Visual Studio Find in Files RegEx @VisualStudio

I always forget how to exclude matches when I use Find in Files, so I’ll write about it here and there’s no excuse for not remembering 🙂

The problem is searching for a string and getting lots of matches that indeed contain that string, but you don’t want those ones.

For example I want to find Outbound, but not OutboundSystem, that’s something different and fills up my find results with matches.

I can “Find in Files” with “Use Regular Expressions” and this:


Which does a negative forward lookup for System and excludes those ones I don’t want.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and #disappointing lamda support #coding #programming #csharp

Two things I wanted in 2012, edit and continue on methods containing lambda expressions and also to be able to use them in the watch and immediate windows…

Modifying a statement which contains a lambda expression will prevent the debug session from continuing while Edit and Continue is enabled.

(new Object[] { 1, 2 })
[0]: 1
[1]: 2
(new Object[] { 1, 2 }).Select(x => x.ToString())
Expression cannot contain lambda expressions

Still disappointed!
Come on Microsoft, two features I’ve wanted since you first introduced lambdas, how long will it take?